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Awakening the senses is a body feast! Magical atmosphere for complete relaxation.

At your service: gym, rasul, sauna, treatments using essential oils for the face and body, various types of massage.

Classic Swedish/ Antistress Massage

A classic treatment representing the western standard for massage, moslty focused on the muscular system. There are several stroking techniques used in Swedish massage such as kneading, rubbing, tapping or percussion and vibration. The result of the proper massage is immediately evident and visible.


  • muscle tenstion straightening – stiffened muscles are released, weaken and slacken muscles are toned
  • relef of muscular strain by toxin removal
  • blood circulation improving
  • improving of metabolism
  • strenghtening of the immune system
  • recovering of skin elasticity, removing of dead skin cells
  • emotional and physical stress reducing
  • gaining of physical and mental wellness
  • 30min/ back and neck 29€
  • 45min/ legs, back and neck 39€
  • 60min/ legs, down back and neck, head 55€

Lymphatic Hand Massage (Manual lymphatic drainage)

Lymphatic hand massage (manual lymphatic drainage) is a process during which the surface of the body is simulated with extremely light, circular pumping movements, activating the lymphatic system.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system plays an essential role in the body protection against infections and diseases. This network of tissues and organs is a part of the immune system and assists in removing toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from the body. The principal function of the lymphatic system represents the transportation of lymph, a fluid containing the lymphocytes that are essential for fighting infections throughout the body. Lymph fluid passes through lymphatic vessels and nodes, with the latter filtration of the lymph. It is extremely important to realize what a wide range of health benefits the lymphatic drainage treatment can bring.


  • detoxication / removing unwanted metabolic products of water, harmful foreign substances
  • regenaration
  • moderating of cellulite
  • helps to improve mood and combat anxiety 
  • boosts body filtration system from toxines, accumulated water , metabolic products and foreign substances , help to keep the immune system balanced
  • removes fatigue
  • 45min/ legs 45€
  • 90min/ all body 85€

Reflex Foot Massage

Reflex foot massage is based on the fact that the sensory nerves of the internal organs spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. A pressure technique by gradually pressing at certain specifi points on the foot is used, to activate and simulate the corresponding muscles, joints and internal organs. This Asian more than 1000 years old therapy, is considered to be extremely effective and pleasant using particular foot reflexes . It helps to face stress, fatigue and depression. Not surpisingly Chinese medicine find the foot the second brain. In common it is applied not only as a therapeutic method but also as a diagnostic method and a prevention source.


  • overall/Generally improvement  of psychosomatic health – activates the biological functions of the body (repairs of dysfunctions)
  • engouraging metabolism and detoxification
  • pain relef 
  • deep relaxation
  • reduce stress
  • maintaining vitality and health in old age (with regular use)
  • support for the treatment of various diseases
  • remission of sumptoms 
  • 40min/ legs 39€